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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance refers to maintenance which is done to prevent an item deteriorating or failing by providing regular inspection to identify potential problems and attempt to prevent emerging failure. Such inspections are beneficial for items where a failure would have expensive or unacceptable consequences. For example failed refrigeration equipment could cause health and safety issues for your workers, or leave you with perishable items with nowhere to store them. Refrigeration failure has the potential to cost you significantly in the loss of stock as well as emergency repair and / or replacement costs
At Jono Refrigeration we perform scheduled Maintenance at regular intervals. We suggest quarterly inspections to sustain the functional and operational capacities of your Refrigeration equipment. By doing so we aim to preserve the life span and ensure it is working to its optimum potential to avoid premature equipment failures.
Jono Refrigeration also provides Corrective Maintenance if your refrigeration equipment has failed or worn out. We can supply you with refrigerant, oil, driers, door gaskets, door hardware, lights, & insulation or any associated parts.
Should you choose to replace an item or require additional refrigeration units we stock a large range of Commercial Fridges and Freezers. Customers who have a Preventative Maintenance Agreement with Jono Refrigeration are entitled to a 10 per cent discount on all new items on a Silver Warranty (does not include special sale items).
As we begin this program we may find problems with older equipment that will necessitate repair. We will quote this to you as we discover them.

Call us on 02 9599 8885 to book in your preventative maintenance service today! 

Works to be done during Preventative Maintenance Service:


Clean filters
Inspect coils
Check – clean condensate drains
Check thermostat settings
Inspect mounting – general condition
Check operation
Record temperature
Check motors for overheating
Check motors for noise level
Check amperage of motors
Check overload settings
Inspect relays contactors – starters
Inspect connections for heat marks
Check time clock settings – operation
Check and clean all condensers
Check for oil leaks
Check service valve caps
Check refrigeration strainers
Check solenoid valves
Check receiver liquid level
Check compressor oil level
Discharge pressure
Suction pressure
High pressure control setting
Low pressure settings
TX valve bulb mounting
Superheat setting
Check piping for vibration chaffing
Replace missing screws in panels
Check door gaskets
Check door hinges – locks
Check cabinet lighting
Please note: Services does not include refrigerant, oil, driers, door gaskets, door hardware, lights, & insulation or any associated parts.