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Jono Refrigeration
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Fish Feast

Dual Room: 8180*2400*2400mmH for cool room and 8180*2400*2400mmH for freezer room

Ice Box: 1883*1375*2400mmH

Ze Pickle

Dual Room: 4500*3500*2400mmH for cool room and 1500*1000*2400mmH for freezer room

Billy The Greek

Cool Room: 2500 * 1200 * 2400mmH

Pho 2 U, Bonnyrigg, NSW

Cool Room: 2200 * 1300 * 2200mmH

The Traditional Chip Shop, Randwick, NSW

Congratulations to Will on opening another Chip Shop in Randwick. It was such a big success in Bondi Junction.
Dual Room: Cool Room: 2400 * 2400 * 2400mmH and Freezer Room: 2200 * 2200 * 2400mm H.