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Cool Rooms and Freezer Room Installation Australia

Designing the Coolroom / Freezer Room

Jono Refrigeration have been designing and installing small to medium sized cool-room/ freezer-room for over 20 years. When it comes to saving energy and selecting the right motor for the right purpose we have an experienced team to help our customers to save money.

The Design Form

To help us to help you save money, Jono Refrigeration have developed an easy to fill online query form which the customer can answer a few simple questions. With the information collected in the completed form, it is then sent to our email address which our technician will analyze and start sizing up the refrigeration component for you.

Saving Energy

With the ever growing electricity bills caused by the Carbon Tax and inflation, cool-room does consume a lot of energy to run. That is why in the designing process we need to calculate the exact heat load and usage needed to cool the produce inside without any spoilage.

Jono Refrigeration is different to other commercial refrigeration in that sense, because we ask our customers more questions resulting in saving money in the initial construction stage and in the long run on energy cost. The two main components of a cool-room/ freezer-room that consume energy are the size of the compressor and the size of the evaporator. That is why we need to get this process right in the beginning in finding the right unit for the right job which ultimately will save on construction cost and power usage in the long run.

Importance of Well Insulated Floor

In basic high school science classes we are taught that hot air rises and cold air drops. That goes for cool-room/ freezer-room construction as well. If the floor is not insulated properly then the cold air blown from the evaporator well dissipate and disappear from the floor. Which therefore will cause the compressor to run longer than it should.

At Jono Refrigeration we stress on using an insulated panel floor or pouring 2 stage concrete and adding insulation in between the 2 stage and finishing off with waterproofing.

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